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  • Check out this recent issue of 330 Homes featuring a recent remodel done by Tim Englert Construction and a feature on Shultz Design & Construction

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  • Navigating the Increase in Supply Chain Costs - HBA Webinar - June 30

    Visit the HBA YouTube channel to hear this presentation by local and national experts as they explore what they see happening over the next 6 months with lumber, supplies and the industry and get their thoughts on how to navigate going forward. 


    ‚ÄčWebinar was moderated by Deanne Bridenstine, Principal Designer for Pure Design Interiors, kept the webinar on track and brought it all together.

  • Sticker shock: Lumber prices soar as demand rises in Akron and beyond - Akron Beacon Journal - Info Daily News

    This article features interviews with members: Darren Shultz (President of HBA Board) of Shultz Design; Ed Belair, President of Graves Lumber; and Jennifer Rodgers of Third Federal Savings & Loan. 

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